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Modern Design and Digital Artwork Blog

A blog containing numerous galleries and articles on digital art, design trends, internet technologies, computer games and puzzles online. Find useful data on web design and inspire yourself from work

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26 Coffee Shop
1.88 0 0
A very friendly board with so much to have fun with. Comments
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27 Chatterbugs
1.10 0 0
Fresh New Forum with friendly drama-free girls. Check us out today and join the fun! Comments
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28 Friendship Circle
0.25 0 0
A fun multi-topic board. A fun safe place to come to. Meet friendly members, a drama free enforced board. Comments
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29 Bee-Crafty
0.86 0 0
its very friendly and needs people Comments
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30 The Berry Patch
6.48 0 0
Lots of general chat forums. Some graphics. Comments
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31 Tags N Snags Bistro
8.24 0 0
Large board with a nice variety of tags. Comments
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32 Graphic Wizardry
3.17 0 0
We are a friendly graphics community with a little bit of everything for everybody. Feel free to stop on by and register in the fun! Comments
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33 the angels of life
1.64 0 0
my site is about everything we well make you very welcome come and have apeep. Comments
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34 The Dark Half
10.00 0 0
the place to be for really great friendly people who welcome you with open arms also freebie threads, humour is the main subject with all the members. pop along and have a look at the nutters on here Comments
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35 Best Boards and Forums
1.88 0 0
Come be a part of something special... Best Boards and Forums. Comments
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36 Multiverse X RPG
3.44 0 0
This site is dedicated to the many universes of T.V. and Movie fantasy. Many Fan based genre are listed here, including, but definitely not limited to: Angel, Blade, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Charmed, Firefly/Serenity, Harry Potter, Hero's, Resident Evil, Comments
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